Raised Bed pack of fittings (for existing beds)


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Supply Pipe Size

Pack of 9 fittings to bring water up and over the sides of existing raised beds, planters or troughs.

Pack of tee's and elbow's which brings water into an existing raised bed.

Simple push-fit connectors allow customisation around walls of different heights and widths.

A pack of push-fit connectors which allows creation of a non-leaking 'riser' to bring water up and over the sides of your existing raised beds. Once in the bed, the pipe size 'reduces' down to that of LeakyPipe. The LeakyPipe is laid amongst your plants on the surface of the soil or under a shallow layer of mulch/soil.  A LeakyPipe 'tee' permits branching of the LeakyPipe and 2 end plugs are also included. Lastly a nail-in pipe-clip keeps the supply pipe neat on top of the wall of your raised bed.

Choose either size 16mm or 20mm supply pipe. 16mm connectors will also fit 1/2" Garden Hosepipe. 

Fittings included:

  • One Equal Tee (size 16/20) allows branching to the supply pipe to create a 'riser'
  • Three Equal Elbows (size 16/20) allows the supply pipe to be fashioned neatly over the side of the raised bed 
  • One supply pipe (size 16/20) -12 reducer, Reduces pipe size from supply size to LeakyPipe size.
  • One 12-12-12 tee, (allows branching of LeakyPipe in T shape).
  • Two 12 end plugs (for sealing the LeakyPipe ends).
  • One nail-in pipe-clip (size compatible with your chosen supply pipe size)


This pack of fittings has been selected as a way to bringing water up the side of your raised bed (preferably at the back and out of sight). You will need to provide the non-leaking supply pipe available here, or short lengths of hosepipe will also work with the size 16 connectors.  

This pack of fittings can be customisable to your particular beds and whether they have high or wide walls. A nail-in clip keeps the pipe neatly on top of the wall and is suitable for walls made of wood and some mineral surfaces. If the walls are made of concrete, alternative fittings may need to be considered, or the pipe may lie neatly without fixing, if fitted well.

These fittings connect to 1/2"hosepipe / 16mm supply pipe (size 16) OR 20mm supply pipe (size 20).


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Raised Bed pack of fittings (for existing beds)