Reducing Tee Connectors (pack of 5)


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Connect LeakyPipe to garden hosepipe or 16mm or 20mm supply pipe. 

T-shaped connector to branch your water supply into LeakyPipe.

These connectors allow LeakyPipe to be connected to the larger non-porous pipes bringing water to your various beds and borders. The LeakyPipe can 'tee' into the side of larger supply pipes as they pass past the area you want to water.

Choose the connector you want above.  '12' fits LeakyPipe, '16' fits 1/2" garden hose or 16mm polytube and '20' fits 20mm polytube.  Simple push-fit barbs grip the inside of the pipe without the need for additional clips.


  • 16-12-16 - allows 1 LeakyPipe to tee connect into 16mm polytube
  • 20-12-20 - allows 1 LeakyPipe to tee connect into 20mm polytube
  • 20-16-20 - allows 16mm polytube to connect into 20mm polytube

A T connector designed to allow you to take laterals of LeakyPipe from a header pipe made of either 1/2" garden hose or the 16mm or 20mm polytube recommended for header pipe construction.


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Reducing Tee Connectors (pack of 5)