Roll of 16mm black polytube (LDPE)


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16mm black polytube, available in 50m or 100m rolls

Non-porous pipe to supply water from the water source to the area which needs watering.

50m of a black, non-porous, semi rigid plastic pipe, suitable for using as a 'header' pipe or connecting LeakyPipe to a water point. The pipe is 16mm external diameter, similar to 1/2" garden hose and is compatible with our range of '16' barbed fittings. (eg 16-16-16 equal tees, 16-16 elbows etc). The fittings can be gently wiggled into the polytube and will grip on the internal surface without the need for additional clips.  In very cold weather, if it is difficult to insert fittings, try dipping the end into a thermos flask of hot water for about 10 seconds and this will soften the pipe slightly. As the pipe cools, it will shrink onto the barbed fittings.  Fittings can be rotated in the polytube without breaking the seal.

When and why should 16mm be used as opposed to garden hosepipe or 20mm polytube?

You could use 16mm polytube supply pipe rather than hosepipe as your 'water distribution main', as it is a little more efficient at carrying water without pressure drop than garden hose.  If you don't need to carry the water too far (and if the minimum 50m roll is too much), and you have spare garden hosepipe, this will work OK.

20mm supply pipe polytube is more efficient again, because its bigger, the water travels slower and the pressure drop is lower. This means you can carry the water further for the same pressure drop. As a guide 16mm supply pipe is suitable for running up to 250-300m of LeakyPipe. If you intend to water 400m or more of LeakyPipe, choose 20mm supply pipe to transport the water.

Layout as a ring main around your garden and 'Tee' LeakyPipe into it when it passes your flower beds or borders. LDPE is 'low density polyethylene' and accepts barbed fittings which grip on the inside of the pipe without the need for clips.


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