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what system and spacing for 8 rows of vines in east Kent approximately 30m long and spacings of 1.5m between plants and 2 m between rows
    Either a single lateral (or "Line"), of LeakyPipe®, laid down each row, or perhaps a line on both sides.  (The latter os probably O.T.T.)   All LeakyPipe lines then teed into 20mm polytube "supply" pipe, using 20-12-20mm barbed reducing tees.   Ideally, feed the water supply into the middle of the polytube "manifold" and turn-on.  The network will fill-up an quickly work all-at-once.  (Of course, you do have to plug off the ends of the LeakyPipe and the polytube manifold).  As this is a long-term cropping situation: Once you've seen it working, we would recommend that you place the LeakyPipe into the soil as this is better for the water distribution and keeps the LeakyPipe® away from husbandry operations.   Phone us if you wish to discuss further.