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Can I use a timer with LeakyPipe and if so, what should I set it for?
Watering Timers (simple and cheap) or Irrigation Controllers that can be monitored through the Internet, (Not so cheap!) are an incredibly sensible addition to a LeakyPipe System.  They aren’t a necessity, but are cost efficient, let alone convenient.    

(Don’t leave them out in the winter though.  Unlike LeakyPipe, timers do get damaged by frost!)  

Set watering up for say 30minutes per day at any time of the day that is sensible to your location.  This is a recommended guide for starting but you may need to adjust it to water more or less. Generally 30-60 minutes per day is needed through the summer.

On domestic systems, you can use a brass manifold screwed onto the tap. The manifold can allow you to connect two timers below it.  Alternatively, the Buddy2 timer is two timers rolled into one!  These are all great tools.