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What types of payment do you accept?

When you order online, we accept the following card payments:  
• Visa Credit or debit card
• Mastercard
• UK Electron

Our Payment Processor is Worldpay, the UKs leading Provider.

When will my order be delivered?

You should expect your goods within a week of ordering. We try to dispatch as soon as possible, so, although there can be hiccups in the journey, we do try to get your goods delivered between 2-3days, (sometimes overnight).

Please try not to leave your order to the last moment. If you have any special delivery instructions, please make sure we have them. Thank you.

Are all of your products in stock?

Generally, we will never display products that are out of stock.
As we manufacture Leaky Pipe, the complete range is always available.

What is LeakyPipe made of?

The major component is high-quality reclaimed car tyre rubber and a few other things to make it really good porous hose, not a pipe with holes in!

How does it come to me?

LeakyPipe comes to you as promptly as possible via a carrier. (Usually within a few days, sometimes overnight).  

It is delivered in rolls of 50,100, 250 and 450metre increments and you just cut it up as you see fit with a pair of scissors, or better a good pair of garden secateurs.

For the bigger rolls, (250m and 450m rolls), take the LeakyPipe from the middle of the roll.  This makes it easy to revolve the spiral out of the pipe, as you pull it away from the roll.  The LeakyPipe will then lay flat and be easier to position into place.
See also 'How do I unroll LeakyPipe?'

Small orders of connectors which are small enough to fit through your letterbox will be sent by first class Royal Mail.

How heavy is a roll of LeakyPipe?

100m roll of LeakyPipe weighs nominally 6kg and a roll of this can have dimensions 400mm by 400mm by 150mm.

250m roll of LeakyPipe weighs about 16kg, 450m roll weighs about 28kg.

Supply pipe is often wrapped with the smaller rolls of LeakyPipe, but no single item will exceed 30kg.

Why is your LeakyPipe more expensive than the stuff I see on Ebay & Amazon?

Because we know from our experience, to keep the high quality, we need to put more of the good stuff into it and take a lot of care along the way.  We pride the fact that it is the genuine, original porous rubber hose, LeakyPipe®. Much like 'Hoover' is often said to describe any vacuum cleaner, the phrase 'leaky pipe' can get used generically for a number of different porous, soaker or weeper hoses. 

LeakyPipe® is made is under our own quality rules, honed from thirty years of experience. We manufacture from materials that we won’t drop our standards on.  It is a product designed essentially for professional use, so we won’t degrade it to compete with the "foreign” sourced copies and risk the trust of our customers.

We don't currently sell on eBay or amazon, so please be wary of products you find on online marketplaces and check who the manufacturer is. Look for the LeakyPipe® logo to find the original product.

What are your opening hours?

9am-5pm Monday-Friday.  If the phone gets busy, please leave a message and we’ll get back to you.  
Or Email us at

Hi Can you supply leaky hose to France? I would need about 200 metres

Yes, we certainly can (& do)!

It just costs a little more carriage. 

Let me know what list of goods you’re interested in and I’ll work something out for you.  Where is it to be sent to please?