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Laura Anstiss Garden Design

30 Jan 2019

"With todayís extreme weather patterns, drought intensity is predicted by Met Office climate models to increase, and irrigation is an element of garden design which canít be overlooked.

South-East based garden designer, Laura Anstiss, always includes an irrigation system in each plan. 

"Generally, I work with a lot of developers on plots which are over an acre in size, and this includes plenty of new builds. Even if the system isnít installed, we lay conduits, which can be used at a later date to pull through electrics and irrigation if needed without having to take up any slabs,Ē says Laura. 

"I see a lot of flooding and waterlogging, but during the summer months we experience drought, and efficient irrigation can encourage plants to grow up to three times as fast if itís strategically placed. 

"I have used LeakyPipe irrigation systems for the last five years. Itís a porous hose, not a pipe with holes in, so you can sink it and hide it. The holes donít get blocked and every situation Iíve used it in has been successful,Ē she says.

"Itís reliable and it accurately distributes water, so it saves time and reduces water use, and it lasts for years.Ē 

Laura explains that the only irrigation challenge is in educating clients about watering plants at key times and noticing when the soil is drying out. "I recommend certain maintenance schemes, and generally the challenge is to gauge when to start watering, but once this is explained, it works like clockwork and Iíve never had any negative feedback from the systems.Ē LeakyPipe Systems Ltd is run by Chris Fermor, and heís been supplying this innovative porous rubber material since the mid 80ís.

Laura is based in Tenterden, Kent and Shows at Chelsea Flower Show.  If you're looking for a designer, why not give her a call?   07970 704820 

Developing Water Drought

9 May 2018

Even with Rainfall Due, the Water Table is Falling and Shortages are Now Likely this season.

Large areas of the Southern part of the UK are heading for drought conditions.  Water efficiency is key in many departments of commercial and domestic use of this resource.  

Any investment in technology that aids the efficient use of water is starting to prove itself.  (and we are not talking about rainwater harvesting!  The latter is not the same thing as "Water efficiency").

The future success of investment in Soft Landscape Planting in Commercial Developments and Gardens, will now be reflected in the watering regime.  Watering Can, Hosepipe or Bowser, surely placing water just to where it is needed should now be a key intention.   Placing it in a measured and labour-free way, an aim.

If restrictions come, Leaky Pipe teamed with a timing device, has been exempted from Bans.  A sensible decision after many years of proving that this technique works.

Adding some form of predictable control to the watering operation, even just through the use of simple timers set to water say 30minutes per day, will be both reliable and economic.  Easily repaying their worth over one season.


With a greater budget, comes the ability to build into any LeakyPipe irrigation system, "Weather Sensing Responsive Control".     By which, the watering times tomorrow will be automatically adjusted according to the weather conditions today.     Responsive control coupled with the accurate placement of irrigation water direct to target, with no spray evaporation, is water efficiency.  Improve the establishment of young plantings, speeding growth and benefitting the Country's Landscape Environment.    

Phone or email us for further information.

Top Class Riding Arena Build with an automatic Leaky Pipe Subsurface System

11 Nov 2016
Top Class Riding Arena Build with an automatic Leaky Pipe Subsurface System   

Here's a 65m by 35m Riding arena under construction
incorporating our Leaky Pipe System to keep the riding
surface regularly moist and stable.    
Seen here, laid on a geotextile membrane, before
the sand is installed.  
Working at this time of year, short days means we
finish under floodlights!     When this watering system
is needed, it will Self-adjust to not only make it easy
for the Owner, but also very water-efficient.

This is how good it will be.  Nearby, a system installed
last year.

Commercial Soft Fruit Production

15 Jul 2016
Commercial Soft Fruit Production

Soft Fruit Growing, (Raspberries, Strawberries, 
Logan Berries, Tayberries & Gooseberries),
is made that much more easier with accurate
application of water, direct to the plant roots.  

Semi-Permanent crops can have Leaky Pipe
working reliably, below the soil surface.  

LeakyPipe Watering under this Sedum Roof in London

20 Jan 2013
LeakyPipe Watering under this Sedum Roof in London Installed on the roof of a property close to Covent Garden, London.  This LeakyPipe is attached to the mineral felt layer, before the Sedum Mat is unrolled over it.  Widely used on "Green Roof" structures, flat, pitched & barreled roof designs.    Even though the Sedum is drought-tolerant, this growing system is linked to an irrigation controller so water is applied when it is necessary to stop the plants dying.  

This maintenance feature pays for itself quickly as no Operatives need to prepare for physically accessing the hazardous roof area.   

Tower of London, Ticket Office.

10 Feb 2006
Tower of London, Ticket Office. London Plane Trees outside the Ticket Office of The Tower of London Grow with their roots fully encased in a Concrete Trench.  

The trees were necessary for Planning reasons. However, there were concerns that their roots could damage the priceless archeology below them.  So a solution was sought.   The Reinforced Concrete "Coffin" trench was applied.  But virtually no rain can reach the root zones of these trees, so they receive their water through a LeakyPipe System, encased within the soil, as it was being built.    As this structure has a long design life, in excess of 50years, it followed that we had to be sure of the quality of our installation.    Indeed, there are two separate LeakyPipe networks to ensure back up and flexibility.