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To control downstream pressure and keep water clean.

These top quality pressure regulators for many years.  They are a good solution for people who suffer very high water pressure  where it is difficult to control the water source to avoid LeakyPipe® "sprinkling" or pipes "Popping-off" fittings.  See this narrated video here for more.

✔ Easily control High water pressure.

Shop with confidence at Leaky Pipe Systems Ltd: We select & use these ourselves; so we can ensure that they are suitable products. They fit into systems perfectly with just a little plumbing.    We always stock a whole range. 

We have a specific range of connectors for LeakyPipe systems: to be discovered. If you're still looking for a cost-effective garden irrigation system, then have a look at our ranges of Hose Pipes.

Adjustable Pressure Regulators for use with Timers, Particulate Filters, Hosepipe, 16mm and 20mm Polytube "Supply Pipe".

Adjustable Pressure Regulator
£ 25.00
Adjustable Pressure Regulator
Filter and Pressure Reducing Kit.
£ 89.00
Filter and Pressure Reducing Valve Set.
Filter cartridge and brass connectors included.
Pressure Regulator with Gauge & Compression Output Fitting
£ 37.20
Adjustable Pressure Regulator with Gauge & 20mm Compression Output Fitting.   
Filter cartridge for 10inch filter bodies
£ 23.00
Filter cartridge for 10inch filter bodies
Filter  Housing - 10inch blue body
£ 62.50
Filter Housing - 10inch blue body
Cartridge and snap connectors included.
Wall Bracket for Filter Housing
£ 9.00
Wall Bracket for Filter Housing.