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To control downstream pressure and keep water clean.

These top quality pressure regulators for many years.  They are a good solution for people who suffer very high water pressure  where it is difficult to control the water source to avoid LeakyPipe® "sprinkling" or pipes "Popping-off" fittings.  See this narrated video here for more.

✔ Easily control High water pressure.

Shop with confidence at Leaky Pipe Systems Ltd: We select & use these ourselves; so we can ensure that they are suitable products. They fit into systems perfectly with just a little plumbing.    We always stock a whole range. 

We have a specific range of connectors for LeakyPipe systems: to be discovered. If you're still looking for a cost-effective garden irrigation system, then have a look at our ranges of Hose Pipes,

Adjustable Pressure Regulators for use with Timers, Particulate Filters, Hosepipe, 16mm and 20mm Polytube "Supply Pipe".

Adjustable Pressure Regulator
Adjustable Pressure Regulator
Filter and Pressure Reducing Kit.
Filter and Pressure Reducing Valve Set.
Filter cartridge and brass connectors included.
Pressure Regulator with Gauge & Compression Output Fitting
Adjustable Pressure Regulator with Gauge & 20mm Compression Output Fitting.   
Filter cartridge for 10inch filter bodies
Filter cartridge for 10inch filter bodies
Filter  Housing - 10inch blue body
Filter Housing - 10inch blue body
Cartridge and snap connectors included.
Wall Bracket for Filter Housing
Wall Bracket for Filter Housing.