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Garden Watering Help Guides

Is it sounding too complicated? It isn't. It's just unfamiliar. Take a few minutes here to watch the video below. They show you how to solve the mystery of what to do with porous hose watering techniques.

See proof where you can use LeakyPipe, polytube, fittings and timersto achieve a brilliant result in any planting. You'll also see the easy ways to connect our watering systems. Finally, you'll discover the sensible design of our garden irrigation solutions.

Because successful Green Space is Beneficial for Both the Environment and Wellbeing of Communities.

Fittings and Connections for DIY Help

Look here to find how to connect LeakyPipe to your hosepipe, or a timer. Also how to make a manifold for water distribution and how to use compression fittings.

Designing a Watering System for Gardens

Landscape Pro or the home gardener, some suggestions for watering hedges, borders, trees, etc. This is a silent video with overlaid text.

Example Layouts for Landscape Professionals, Architects and Designers

A narrated video on system concepts and designs. See how LeakyPipe is used for watering planters, steep embankments, green roofs, hedging, tree-pits and ground-cover.

A General Introductory Video about Leaky Pipe Watering Systems

See how LeakyPipe has successfully worked in various situations to give successful results and save money.

Garden Guide PDF

Shows you how to connect LeakyPipe to your hoseand example layouts for hedges, trees and borders.

Riding Arena PDF

Learn how LeakyPipe subsurface, automatic irrigation system installation has been stabilising the sand surfaces of new riding arena constructions, since 1988.

Landscape Contractor Help Guide PDF

See where LeakyPipe can aid establishment and growing-on of trees, shrubs, hedging, ground cover and for watering planters and embankments.

Green Roof PDF

LeakyPipe can help establish green roof structures where the inclusion of Leaky Pipe at the build stage can ensure that if watering is required during drought, it can be done without people having to access roofs. See how to incorporate LeakyPipe at the build stage. You'll learn how a LeakyPipe network on a pitched, barrel or flat roof can be a long-term asset to a green roof ecology.

Tap timers PDF Guides

Hanging Basket Watering Kit Instructions

Click on the above link to dowload a PDF about putting together a dripper assembly for hanging baskets or patios pots.