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Connections for Leaky Pipe

Fittings to Hose, 16 & 20mm Metric Pipe Connectors

LeakyPipe to 20mm LDPE polytube via 20-12-20 barbed tee

Leaky Pipe Systems use and supply broad selection of push-fit barbed fittings that economically connect leaky pipe to other pipes and tubes including garden hose pipe connectors

✔ Available in packs of 5 - Quantity discounts available (20+)

You can shop with confidence at Leaky Pipe: We select & use these ourselves; so we can ensure that they are suitable products. They fit perfectly to the garden hose pipes & soft, black, LDPE metric polytube or supply pipe. We always stock a whole range. Available in different sizes and styles: barbed, Straight, Elbow, Equal TeesReducing Tee connectors and threaded adaptors which will help you finalise your landscape project.   See the video review on this page, all about barbed fittings.

We have a specific range of connectors for LeakyPipe systems: to be discovered. If you're still looking for a cost-effective garden irrigation system, or a solution to fast soft landscape growth, then have a look at our ranges of Hose Pipes.

✔ Also, our design videos should help you with the "How to do"!

Push-fit Connectors suitable for Leaky Pipe Systems, Metric LDPE Polytube Supply Pipes, Hosepipe, plus other sizes of Porous Pipes and Soaker Hoses that areon the Market.

HoseSnap to LeakyPipe connectors
£ 3.00
HoseSnap connectors to link your hose to LeakyPipe.
Small Selection Pack of Barbed Fittings
£ 7.20
Small selection pack of 12 connectors.
Connects LeakyPipe to 16mm or 20mm supply pipe or garden hose.
Large Selection Pack of Barbed Fittings
£ 16.80
Large selection pack of 30 connectors.
Connects LeakyPipe to 16mm or 20mm supply pipe or garden hose.
Raised Bed pack of fittings (for new beds)
£ 11.30
Pack of compression fittings to create 'risers' to bring water up inside raised beds, planters or troughs.  The fittings allow LeakyPipe to be laid on the surface of the soil.  Compression fittings create reliable leak-free connections in areas that are difficult to access at a later date for maintenance. Designed for use at the construction stage of building raised beds. Compression fittings compatible with blue 'mains' MDPE pipe or black LDPE pipe.
Raised Bed pack of fittings (for existing beds)
£ 5.40
Pack of 9 fittings to bring water up and over the sides of existing raised beds, planters or troughs.
End Plug for LeakyPipe (pack of 5)
£ 3.30
Seal the ends of LeakyPipe with push-fit plug.
Sold in packs of 5 plugs.
Straight Connector for LeakyPipe (pack of 5)
£ 3.30
Straight Connectors for LeakyPipe
T Connector for LeakyPipe (pack of 5)
£ 3.30
T-shaped connector for LeakyPipe
Elbow Connector for LeakyPipe (pack of 5)
£ 3.30
Pack of 5 elbow-shaped connectors to fit LeakyPipe
Reducing Straight Connectors for Leaky Pipe LP12 (pack of 5)
£ 3.30
Connect LeakyPipe to your hosepipe, 16mm or 20mm supply pipe.


Reducing Tee Connectors (pack of 5)
£ 3.30
Connect LeakyPipe to garden hosepipe or 16 (or 20mm) supply pipe. (Sold in packs of five connectors)
20mm Compression (straight) to LeakyPipe connector
£ 4.99
20mm Compression Fitting with connections for LeakyPipe® LP12 range.
(1, 2 or 3 output options for attaching one, two or three LeakyPipes)