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Self-Propelled Lawn Sprinkler

Self-Propelled Lawn Sprinkler

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Ingenious, time saving, Travelling Lawn Sprinkler by Nelson
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Self-propelled, Travelling Sprinkler System for large gardens and areas of grass.

Made by Nelson. Improved by us.

  1. This is a great tool made in the USA by Nelson. It's useful to those who have a large area of lawn & desire an easy and cheap way of watering it without too much effort. Look no further! It's a garden sprinkler that moves itself.
  2. Garden Sprinkler UK

    Just lay out the garden hose in a pattern that you want the Lawn Tractor to move along. Put the Tractor astride the hose. Select the speed, (Fast or slow. either is too slow to see it move), then turn on the water supply. Not much pressure is needed for it to work. The "Helicopter" jets on the top of the tractor, spin out the water jets to the periphery of the circular watering pattern. Walk away for 30 minutes, then come back to see that it has moved forward. Leave it for a few hours and see that the circular spray action is actually watering a "strip" as it is moving! Simple as that.
  3. An effortless, affordable irrigation system to water large areas of grass. The Rain Train's engineering is deceptively simple. First, up to 60metres of hose is laid out across the lawn in your desired pattern with the end connected to the back of the unit. The tractor's front wheel straddles the hose allowing it to follow the path while water pressure powers its cleated back wheels, moving it forward until it reaches a shut off switch at the end of the line. In the course of its travels, the Rain Train delivers a deep, even watering over the entire area of coverage. The Rain Train is manufactured from high quality, rust-resistant cast iron and has a durable brass hose connection with a powder-coated finish for protection. This unique product isn't a novelty. This 8kg die-cast little yellow tractor with a whirling self-propelled sprinkler on top is American made and has a two-speed gearbox that's ready to work all day, easily throwing water out to an eight metre diametre.