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Find the best heavy-duty Brass tap manifolds and hoselocks at Leaky Pipe Systems

This range includes Two-way and three-way manifolds to split the flow from your garden tap. These are a quick and reliable way of incorporating a timer and a hose connection to a single bibtap without the need for complicated plumbing changes.  DIY success!   View my short, narrated video about them.

✔ Screw direct to your Garden Tap and get more options.  More functionality form your LeakyPipe® watering system.

Automatic tap timers are really easy to use, reliable and easily programmable by day, time and watering duration. These are available with 1 or 2 outputs.

Don't forget your automatic watering system for vegetable or hedges & Shop now at Leaky Pipe to enjoy the greatest deals online!

Three-way Brass Garden Tap connection
£ 63.30
Three-way Brass Garden Tap connection
Two-way Brass Garden Tap Connection
£ 41.02
Two-way Brass Garden Tap Connection
Brass HoseSnap
£ 10.80
A brass HoseSnap connector for your garden hosepipe
Brass Tap Snap
£ 3.60
A brass Tap connector which accepts 'HoseSnap' connectors.