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All-Inclusive Combination Garden Irrigation Kits

Try the original Leaky Pipe® Garden Irrigation Kits

garden irrigation kits UK

Leaky Pipe specifically designed, genuine quality watering kits for your garden and larger areas.

✔ UK made using the best quality components

This range of comprehensive kits includes everything you might need to set up an Automatic Garden Irrigation Watering System for your garden. Save money and time by choosing one of these all-inclusive combination kits. You'll find LeakyPipe, connectors, supply pipe, tap timers and pressure regulators in the larger kits.

  • Kit size from 100m to 450m of LeakyPipe
  • Contact Leaky Pipe Ltd for technical advice

We also provide adapted hedge irrigation kits & watering kits for hanging baskets.

All-inclusive 100m Garden Hose Kit
£ 199.80
Trust LeakyPipe® to water your investment.  This great deal for 100metres of LeakyPipe, Connections, SupplyPipe & Timer to take the watering chore away from Gardening.
All-inclusive Garden Hose Kit - 250m
£ 422.40
Spend a bit more and buy the best LeakyPipe® from the people who have made it the longest. A great deal for 250metres of LeakyPipe, Connections, SupplyPipe & Timer.
All-inclusive 400m Garden Hose Kit
£ 622.80
Protect your investment in time and money on Plants.  Get them Growing Fast with this Great Deal for 400metres of LeakyPipe® Porous Hose, Connections, SupplyPipe, & Timer with Pressure Regulators.  A complete package to save plant life now!