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Watering Systems
Automatic watering systems for large gardens

The Best Automatic Watering Systems for Large Areas

You'll need a more effective watering system to water your large garden? It's always difficult to find the right watering system, which is why LeakyPipe® helps you.

As a leading provider of irrigation systems, we specifically designed automatic watering kits for large areas. This range contains hose pipe, fittings and connectors that are available in large sizes, ranging from 100m up to 450m.

 ✔ Suited for large gardens or professional use

 ✔ In-house manufactured to ensure product quality

There is nothing worse that not having the right tools for the job. It can quickly make the task more complicated. With LeakyPipe's automatic garden watering systems you just need to pick the right pipe size and fittings.

Water Large Areas Quickier with our Landscape Watering Systems

We all know how it can be unconvenient to water large areas. This is why LeakyPipe's watering systems are definitely easy to use, and will make you save time and money. As automated watering system, you don't need to bother anymore: once the kit installed, you'll just need to water your garden or plants. This large system also enables you to water greenhouse plants, large yards and much more! 

Shopping at Leaky Pipe, you'll get the best garden automatic watering system: this range includes a 450m LeakyPipe porous hose and many other essential items. For instance, our automatic lawn sprinkler or our watering timer with 2 outputs are ideal to automate your irrigation system.

Professional installations may need Compression Fittings and Pressure Reducing Valves & Filters that we propose at Leaky Pipe Systems Ltd. We also have adapted automatic watering systems for smaller areas.

Hedge Watering Kit - 400m
£ 471.00
Choose the Best in the Biggest roll and make your hedge Grow Fast.  A Discounted 400m Kit of The Original LeakyPipe® Porous Rubber Soaker Hose and Connectors.
Builder's Watering Kit for up to 125sqm Raised Garden Beds
£ 305.96
A discounted kit for watering raised borders, raised troughs or planters with a total area of up to 125sqm.  Create a professional finish with all pipework concealed during construction of the beds. Kits are customisable for the number of raised beds and size of supply pipe. 
All-inclusive 400m Garden Hose Kit
£ 662.40
Protect your investment in time and money on Plants.  Get them Growing Fast with this Great Deal for 400metres of LeakyPipe® Porous Hose, Connections, SupplyPipe, & Timer with Pressure Regulators.  A complete package to save plant life now!
Vegetable Plot Watering Kit, 100m
£ 189.96
100m of LeakyPipe and connectors to water several rows of vegetables (including 10 isolation taps)
The Original Leaky Pipe Porous Hose - 400m
£ 470.76
400m Roll of Leaky Pipe Porous Rubber Soaker Hose (LP12H)
Roll of 20mm black polytube (LDPE)
£ 52.80
20mm black polytube, available in 50m or 100m rolls
Tap Timer with 2 outputs
£ 69.96
Versatile, Battery-powered timer for taps.
Connects to one tap and has Two outputs, both individually programmable.
Orbit, Watering Timer with 2 outputs
£ 67.32
High Quality, Battery-powered timer for taps.
Connects to one tap and has Two outputs, both individually programmable. (Please note, we regret that this product is now considerably delayed through lack of MicroChips suitable for its manufacture.   We will endeavour to get new stock as soon as possible).   HOWEVER, we do have the Buddy 2 timer, that is made by the same people and does the same job.
Three-way Metal Garden Tap connection
£ 63.30
Three-way cast metal Garden Tap connection
20mm Compression (straight) to LeakyPipe connector
£ 4.99
20mm Compression Fitting with connections for LeakyPipe® LP12 range.
(One or Two output options available for attaching one or two LeakyPipes)
20mm Compression Elbow to LeakyPipe connectors
£ 4.99
20mm Compression Elbow to LeakyPipe connector.
(1 or 2 output options)
20mm Compression (tee) to LeakyPipe connector
£ 5.80
20mm Compression Fitting with connections for LeakyPipe® LP12 range.
(1, 2 or 3 output options for attaching one, two or three LeakyPipes)