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Opt for British Made Garden Irrigation Systems

Specialising exclusively in Landscape and Garden Watering Systems, we provide a full range of quality products including these watering kits.
We've been working for years now with the Gardening and Landscape industries, listening and understanding their needs. So we are now able to provide them with a first-class service in the supply of professional watering systems. We decided to only manufacture in the UK to ensure product quality and traceability. This way, we know exactly what materials are used to produce our LeakyPipe® garden watering kits, including hose pipes and connectors. To effectively water your garden, you'd rather choose a UK made irrigation system supplied by a trusted specialist.

Why Choose a Garden Watering Kit? 

Our watering kits are designed to simplify the watering process, ensuring that your plants receive the right amount of water consistently.
Our garden irrigation kit utilizes various methods, such as drip irrigation and soaker hoses, to deliver water directly to plants' root zones, promoting healthy growth and water efficiency.
By choosing our kits for your garden, you can enjoy the benefits of time savings, consistent plant care and cost efficiency watering system.

Leaky Pipe's Garden Watering Systems are like No Others

You'll get great value from our garden irrigation kits. Just add some hosepipe to the fittings enclosed (or buy some black polytube). Cut-to-length and attach the LeakyPipe® system then turn the water on. Our automatic watering systems for gardens will help you save plants and get more time to relax outside.
We offer a full range of all-inclusive combination garden watering kits, ranging from 50 up to 450m. This way, private individuals and professionals can easily water their gardens or larger areas without wondering if the hose is long enough. 
Each watering kit we offer serve specific purposes: you'll find the right solution on our site, whether you want to water hedges or vegetables, borders or plants.
Do not hesitate to check our FAQ section, it is full of interesting insights, on how to put your system together, using different water sources like a water butt or tank, for example.
Leaky Pipe Hose Pipe Kit Special Offer - 50m
£ 79.19
Don’t buy the Cheapest, get Reliable & Original LeakyPipe® Porous Rubber Soaker Hose Kit and get the best growth from your plants. Buy the best LeakyPipe® from the people who have made it the longest.   You’ll add more when we have convinced you. Always in stock.  Fast delivey.  Extendable.  Proven.
Garden Border Porous Hose Pipe Kit - 100m
£ 138.00
Proven to last and reliably work for you.  A kit of 100m of LeakyPipe with a selection of 27 connectors including HoseSnap fittings for Planters, Beds and Borders.
Garden Border Porous Hose Watering Kit  - 250m
£ 336.00
Trust the best Porous Hose, LeakyPipe®, in a Handy Kit.  Buy this kit of 250m of LeakyPipe with all these connectors including HoseSnap fittings, tees and plugs to connect into your hosepipe. Especially for new & established planting in Beds and Borders.