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Find the best tap timers at Leaky Pipe Systems

This range includes simple battery operated timers. These are fantastic for programming your efficient watering schedule with LeakyPipe and similar irrigation systems in the garden and small scale soft landscaping.

✔ Screw direct to your Garden Tap and automate your irrigation system.

Automatic tap timers are really easy to use, reliable and easily programmable by day, time and watering duration. These are available with 1 or 2 outputs. Fantasic to use with Brass Manifolds.

Don't forget your automatic watering system for vegetable or hedges & Shop now at Leaky Pipe to enjoy the greatest deals online!

Orbit Single Tap Timer with single output
£ 47.52
Easy to use Battery-powered Watering Timer for Garden Taps.
Single output.
Tap Timer with single output
£ 42.98
Easy to use Battery-powered watering timer for taps.
Single output.
Orbit, Watering Timer with 2 outputs
£ 59.88
High Quality, Battery-powered timer for taps.

Connects to one tap and has Two outputs, both individually programmable. 

16mm Compression to 3/4" female Threaded Adaptor
£ 3.80
16mm Compression to 3/4" female Threaded Adaptor.
Sold Individually