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LeakyPipe® Irrigation Systems
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16mm pipe clip
£ 0.48
A "Screw-on” pipe clip for wall mounting 16mm polypipe
£ 0.56
pipe clip to wall mount 20mm polypipe
ground stake - 16mm / 20mm
£ 0.48
ground stake for 16mm or 20mm polypipe
dripper stake
£ 0.78
Dripper Stake (from our hanging basket kit)
Leaky Pipe Hose Pipe Kit Special Offer - 50m
£ 79.19
Don’t buy the Cheapest, get Reliable & Original LeakyPipe® Porous Rubber Soaker Hose Kit and get the best growth from your plants. Buy the best LeakyPipe® from the people who have made it the longest.   You’ll add more when we have convinced you. Always in stock.  Fast delivey.  Extendable.  Proven.
Garden Border Porous Hose Pipe Kit - 100m
£ 138.00
Proven to last and reliably work for you.  A kit of 100m of LeakyPipe with a selection of 27 connectors including HoseSnap fittings for Planters, Beds and Borders.
Garden Border Porous Hose Watering Kit  - 250m
£ 336.00
Trust the best Porous Hose, LeakyPipe®, in a Handy Kit.  Buy this kit of 250m of LeakyPipe with all these connectors including HoseSnap fittings, tees and plugs to connect into your hosepipe. Especially for new & established planting in Beds and Borders.
Hedge Watering Kit - 100m
£ 138.00
A Bargain, Discounted 100m Kit of The Original Leaky Pipe Porous Rubber Soaker Hose and Connectors.
Hedge Watering Kit - 250m
£ 298.80
Save your plants. Use 250m Kit of The Original Leaky Pipe® Porous Soaker Hose and Connectors. 
Hedge Watering Kit - 400m
£ 423.00
Choose the Best in the Biggest roll and make your hedge Grow Fast.  A Discounted 400m Kit of The Original LeakyPipe® Porous Rubber Soaker Hose and Connectors.
All-inclusive 100m Garden Hose Kit
£ 199.80
Trust LeakyPipe® to water your investment.  This great deal for 100metres of LeakyPipe, Connections, SupplyPipe & Timer to take the watering chore away from Gardening.