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Tips and Tricks of how to design and install a Leakypipe irrigation system.

We've created a wealth of resources to help keep you from getting in a tangle.

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Guides on how to design a garden irrigation system

Is it sounding too complicated? Well, it isn't, it's just unfamiliar. Take a few minutes to watch the videos below. They show you how to solve the mystery of what to do with porous hose watering techniques.

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How to Guides

Downloadable PDF guides. See how LeakyPipe is used in different applications from gardens, to green roofs and riding arenas

  • Garden Guide

    Shows you how to connect LeakyPipe to your hose.

    See example layouts for hedges, trees and borders.

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  • Landscape Contractor Guide

    See where LeakyPipe can aid establishment and growing-on of trees, shurbs, hedging, ground cover and for watering planters and embankments

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  • Riding Arena Guide

    Learn how LeakyPipe subsurface, automatic irrigation system installation has been stabilising the sand surfaces of new riding arena constructions, since 1988.

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  • Green Roof Guide

    See how to incorporate LeakyPipe at the build stage. You'll learn how a LeakyPipe network on a pitched, barrel or flat roof can be a long-term asset to a green roof ecology.

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Instruction manuals

We send instructions with your timers, but if you need a electronic version to share, download a .PDF copy here.