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Raised Bed pack of fittings (for new beds)

(Code: buildersbedsel)
Pack of compression fittings to create 'risers' to bring water up inside raised beds, planters or troughs.  The fittings allow LeakyPipe to be laid on the surface of the soil.  Compression fittings create reliable leak-free connections in areas that are difficult to access at a later date for maintenance. Designed for use at the construction stage of building raised beds. Compression fittings compatible with blue 'mains' MDPE pipe or black LDPE pipe.
£ 11.30

Secure leak-free compression tee and elbow fittings

which allows watering point to be brought up inside a raised bed, planter, trough or container. Includes 'reduction' in pipe size to that of LeakyPipe and simple push-fit LeakyPipe tee and plugs included.  Ideal for use during construction of beds and creates neat look without pipes showing.

  1. During construction, a 'riser' can be created within the raised bed.  This will create a neat look as the pipe will get covered by soil and not be visible. At the soil surface, the compression elbow fitting will bring the pipe work level with the soil surface and allow connection to 2 lengths of LeakyPipe. The LeakyPipe is laid amongst your plants on the surface of the soil or under a shallow layer of mulch/soil.  The LeakyPipe ends are sealed with the included plugs.  

    Compression fittings are ideal for use in situations that would be difficult to access for maintenance at a later date.  These are great quality compression fittings and are the ones we choose to use ourselves, owing to their reliability.

    Options include size 20mm or 25mm supply pipe.  Use the drop-down menu to choose which size you would like and all connectors will automatically be swopped to your chosen size.

    One 20 or 25 compression Tee.  (allows branching to the supply pipe to create a 'riser')
    One 20 or 25 compression elbow to 12 barbed connector (allows connection to 2 lengths of LeakyPipe) 
    Two 12 end plugs (for sealing the LeakyPipe ends).

  2. This pack of fittings has been selected as a way to bringing water up inside your raised bed. This creates a neat look, but are only easy to install during the construction phase of creating raised beds.  Blue 'mains' MDPE is available from builders merchants.  Alternatively the size 20mm fittings are compatible with black LDPE supply pipe available here.  

    These fittings connect to 25mm blue MDPE pipe OR 20mm blue MDPE pipe / black LDPE pipe