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Leaky Pipe Watering Systems
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Try The Original LeakyPipe® Porous Rubber Soaker Hose Kit - 50m

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Try The Original LeakyPipe® Porous Rubber Soaker Hose Kit - 50m

Try this 50metre Roll of Leaky Pipe® Porous Rubber Soaker Hose with Connectors Provided.  See How it Reliably Works. 

  1. An economical package to buy and benefit from saving your plants from moisture stress, getting them to grow faster.  
    LeakyPipe® is a porous hose which weeps water along its length. It will irrigate up to 50m as a single length, but here, the connector supplied will allow you to cut your roll into two lengths you choose, then connect the two lengths of LeakyPipe to run at once.  
    A standard household tap pressure can work up to 300m LeakyPipe at once. So you won't need the tap on much for it all to work!  
    It is reasonably flexible so you can snake it back and forth to water your borders, beds and shrubs.  Arrange as rings or spiral around newly planted trees to aid their establishment.  It works most efficiently when covered by a mulch or soil as evaporation is reduced.   It will not perish or be affected by frost.

    Overall you use less water with LeakyPipe than watering by hand and it will work out-of-sight whilst you enjoy your garden.
  2. Also available in 50m, 100m, 250m, 450m rolls, with and without connections.

    N.B.    This pipe is not designed to be used from a water butt without pumping.

  3. When you like what you have tried, you can expand your watering system by adding more to your Starter Pack.  

    Technical information: Leak rate of 2-3L water per linear meter per hour at 1-2 Bar.
    The video below shows some of the places LeakyPipe gets used.

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