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Two-way Brass Garden Tap Connection

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A quality brass fitting to give you two hosesnap outputs.

  1. Convert your single garden tap output into two individually controllable outputs - perhaps one for your LeakyPipe system and the other for filling buckets or connecting your hosepipe?

    Unscrew your existing hosesnap connector and screw on this fitting. Comes with brass snap outputs which accept conventional 'hoselock-type' connectors.

    Big Benefit.  If you want to connect a timer, remove the male output fitting, fit the timer and replace the male output fitting on the bottom of your timer. 

    Distance between outlets is 98mm.
    Dims'. 100mm Ht * 130mm W * 50mm D

  2. Two outputs can be useful if you want to permanently 'plumb in' your LeakyPipe system, but also leave you a tap free for hoses, buckets etc.

    Alternatively you may want to water two separate areas of LeakyPipe that have differing water requirements e.g. vegetable patch and borders.

    Input and output both 3/4" BSP and accept the timers also available on this site.

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Did the job, looks good and easy to install.
Anthony H.
Shopping Satisfaction
A quality product.
Kevin M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Solidly made connector , easy to fit and working perfectly.
Sue J.
Shopping Satisfaction
Nice and well made but design of smal lever taps a bit tricky for old fingers.
Christine B.
Shopping Satisfaction
Very good.
Ayesha B.
Shopping Satisfaction
A proven product. But always remember to disconnect and store indoors before the first frost!
Iain H.
Shopping Satisfaction
Fits perfectly with no leakage! Perfect on our garden tap for our outdoor double sink.
Emma B.